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Forum back online

My logo would've fit perfectly in that circle.

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0.4 released!

@cattymadness It's risky, but yes. I got past it by jumping to where there should be one, and then landing on a platform and continuing.

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Discuss the mechanics that bring Ironbane alive.
Movable view

Try clicking with two fingers on the mouse pad at the same time. It will count as a right click. For this you would likely click and hold.

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Having trouble running the game? Are you stuck?

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Come on, don't be shy! Tell us a little about yourself!
The Quick Introduction Thread!

plus it was just mean for no reason. sniff....

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Chaos has arrived!

Welcome to Ironbane Chaos! :)

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We all hate 'em. And they breed too! Report them here.

Which shader in particular are you referring to? We're just using the standard three.js library with no custom shaders AFAIK.

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@Thaiberius Oh, Yep XD That worked Thankssss

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Just thought of something wickedly cool? Surprise us!
The Future?!?

Thanks <3

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Steam might be an option though, especially Greenlight. But we need more gameplay and a video for that before we can go there.

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Humble discussions that reach beyond Ironbane.

@Raven I play on US East.. Oh Well D:

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Im not gonna do it! Oh Well.. To late..

Haha! Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!

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