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Well, I guess its history now, and al I can d is make games... :'( If you would like to contact me, I go on a website called Sploder, and my username is "OMIcheerleader". I would like if you friended me... But as of now goodbye Ironbane...

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0.5 alpha released!

@Thaiberius Sorry for lying, I was just confused. Out there, I wasn't behind the screen and in the safety and comfort of my own home.

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General discussion about Ironbane.
IBN: Now Recruiting!

@DomTheDoom Umm..... You might be a little late... But you still could join... Probably...

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Back to the good ol days?

Is it possible to revert this new Ironbane world to the old one that we all came to know and love? Or is that world save gone? I mean it would be great if we all could come together and play 1 last time

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Discuss the mechanics that bring Ironbane alive.
How do I use coins?

@Raven Oh yeah? Well I literally, like, actually have a megaton of coins.

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Best boss drops

I would say the Goblin King and the Sapphire Slime (Big blue slime). Some player have been playing the game for a while and have better drops from older versions of the item.

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Having trouble running the game? Are you stuck?
Permanently stuck in goblin dungeon, fell into chasm

This happened to me once. If you're quick enough you can hit the home button to get back, and I think there is a command which does the same. Maybe /home?

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Can't enter the game... Already ingame?

Not trying to heckle the makers of this game, just acknowledging that game breakers can definitely have a negative impact on your final overall following. Set goals, work on things one at a time, even if it's boring make your primary focus getting a working version up and running. It'll get people interested early, it'll solidify the community.
For the record: There's a lot you guys are doing right.

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Come on, don't be shy! Tell us a little about yourself!
Goodbye, Farewell, To another day.. Hopfully

Here's my story.

It was summer of 2013, and my friend @Scottss and I were looking into game development (specifically WebGL). He stumbled upon Chrome Experiments and found Ironbane. We both checked it out. It was in it's early stages (v0.2), and we were curious how it worked. So we opened our web consoles and found out just how vulnerable the code was to attack. I remember we found ways to mess with the player's position, speed, and other data. In a way, we helped the developers find and fix bugs (such as the chatroom bug were we could run scripts or broadcast music/videos). Unfortunately, said bug also allowed a player called "abcd" hack developer accounts. I haven't heard from/seen him since.
It wasn't until v4.0 that I started playing again after going back to school for the fall. I hadn't planned on being as excited to play Ironbane when I first found it (so I put in a fake email when I signed up), and everyone's password had been reset due to the hack. Thanks @Nikke for helping me restore my account back then. The map had completely changed and brought back the excitement of the first time I explored the game. Of course, I hacked the game again, and ultimately I take part of the blame for the old version being killed.

Then...I waited...

I checked Ironbane a few times a week. When nothing seemed to be happening, I checked less frequently. Then, suddenly, v0.1 was out. At first there were a few demo levels, then a basic ravenwood level. It wasn't until v0.4 (The Tower of Doom) that I found reason to play more frequently again. I checked the source code and found that the game was completely rewritten, but I thought, "I know enough about this game, I'll bet I can hack it." To my surprise, I found that to be nearly impossible (at first). While I managed to get access to the player's data (through a debug variable I knew would eventually go away), modifying any of it was ineffective. That's when I dissected the code (and read up on AngularJS) and found out why it wouldn't work. Long story short, I figured out everything in v0.4, and then it was all gone in v0.5.
So far, it seems like I was just here to hack the game. I only recently realized that wasn't my original intent on finding this game. As I talked about in the Goodbye! Post, I learned a lot from this game. I continued to hack it privately only to better understand it's inner workings (it wasn't open sourced yet). Through all this time, I've learned how careful one has to be with JavaScript scope (especially with third party libraries). I've learned about privatizing code with self-invoking function enclosures. I've learned how to use ThreeJS, Ammo, and AngularJS. I've learned better programming structure, about minification, about obfuscation, and about client/server communication ALL from this game.

And now for my sad goodbye with a sad realization.

Since hearing about this second, most likely permanent shut down of Ironbane, I've been feeling rather down the past couple of weeks. I have checked the forums 3-5 times daily since hearing the news incase of any other updates. My fear is that Ironbane will have very little impact on people who've never heard of it. My fear is that there will be no-one to learn from the archived source code when this game shuts down. And worst of all, my fear is that this amazing, wonderful project will disappear into thin air, as if it never existed. Yes, those on the forums now, and those who've just played without participating in the forums know about this game, but when it goes away, I'm afraid that a vast majority of them (excluding the very active participants) will just move on.
I've considered solutions to this. I've thought about maybe reviving the project in some way. But, every time I think about it, I too have the same problem the developers have: not enough time. I also don't have enough resources. I feel trapped as I don't want this project to disappear, but have no way to prevent that from happening.

This is my goodbye. I'll continue checking and posting so long as the forums are up. Nobody has yet to mention this, but here is the deadline:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

That is the day that the server will no longer belong to anyone. It may even go down before then.

If you want to get in touch with me (especially after the server goes down), here is my contact info:
Email: akennedy65234 (@) hotmail (.) com
Skype: akennedy65234 (Be sure to say "This is <Username> from Ironbane", or I may decline)

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The Quick Introduction Thread!

Hi @pvella, nice to meet you!

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We all hate 'em. And they breed too! Report them here.
I can't move around on the phone

Thats probably it then....

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geting in to the game

if you dony exit the game a cetan way and try to joinback in itll say your still in the game and youll never get back in

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Just thought of something wickedly cool? Surprise us!
Set Meetup Times

Its Central Time Zone for me!

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kthanks,if they make it steam access will i be able to use my steam wallet

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Humble discussions that reach beyond Ironbane.

@AK lol i stopped using it right then. It uses IE9, am disappointed.

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.....Everyone check out my profile!!

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