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0.5 alpha released!

@Thaiberius Sorry for lying, I was just confused. Out there, I wasn't behind the screen and in the safety and comfort of my own home.

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0.6 released!

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Discuss the mechanics that bring Ironbane alive.
Best boss drops

I would say the Goblin King and the Sapphire Slime (Big blue slime). Some player have been playing the game for a while and have better drops from older versions of the item.

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WTF is this?

@LordFoobar Oh, I thought I answered: It's currently useless

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Having trouble running the game? Are you stuck?
Can't enter the game... Already ingame?

Not trying to heckle the makers of this game, just acknowledging that game breakers can definitely have a negative impact on your final overall following. Set goals, work on things one at a time, even if it's boring make your primary focus getting a working version up and running. It'll get people interested early, it'll solidify the community.
For the record: There's a lot you guys are doing right.

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Can't enter the game.. Already ingame?

Done that, doesn't work. Eh, I'm sure it'll be fixed soon enough. I'll keep checking in. Thank you though!

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Come on, don't be shy! Tell us a little about yourself!
The Quick Introduction Thread!

@A1 said:

Hey guy!
Full Name: John Smith
Nicknames: red gamer
Age: 14
Nationality: american
Favorite Class in School: PE
If in a party in Ironbane, I would be a: rouge
Favorite Pastime: gaming
Favorite Video Game: Ironbane
Favorite Animal: giraffes

Also, I feel sad every time someone says rouge.

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@Will lel i was sensitive

Also I edited my intro

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We all hate 'em. And they breed too! Report them here.
geting in to the game

if you dony exit the game a cetan way and try to joinback in itll say your still in the game and youll never get back in

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Cannot Play as Guest or Play on my Account

@BleuBox I have encountered this bug once before; it worked after clearing my cache and refreshing.

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Just thought of something wickedly cool? Surprise us!
Set Meetup Times

Its Central Time Zone for me!

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kthanks,if they make it steam access will i be able to use my steam wallet

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Humble discussions that reach beyond Ironbane.

.....Everyone check out my profile!!

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I asked a Question


i liek chips

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