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Forum back online

My logo would've fit perfectly in that circle.

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0.4 released!

@cattymadness It's risky, but yes. I got past it by jumping to where there should be one, and then landing on a platform and continuing.

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General discussion about Ironbane.
Thanks for server reload!

Welll.... Maybe they are back now.

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Discuss the mechanics that bring Ironbane alive.
Discussion on Bosses

@Dragon said:

Don't be shy!

But that's in my personality!

Anyway, for bosses I'd say try avoiding the mess that was the Skeleton King. Too many enemies throwing things and slowing down the game (the server may be able to handle it now, but some CPUs and GPUs can't).

Also, I think the bosses should move a bit more then they used to. Maybe they'll try to dodge attacks or follow you too close and keep you on your toes (fingers?).

One more thing: a life bar. It doesn't have to be on every enemy, but at least on the boss (you know, like Mega Man).

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Discussion on NPCs

How about npcs who give randomized quests for things. So It might ask for you to bring them an item. Then you would go and find the item. You could trade it in to them for a reward(I.E. money or a better item).

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Having trouble running the game? Are you stuck?

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Come on, don't be shy! Tell us a little about yourself!
The Quick Introduction Thread!

@ArcticNerd Heh, welcome to Ironbane! :)

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@Will lel i was sensitive

Also I edited my intro

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We all hate 'em. And they breed too! Report them here.

0_0 oh i didnt know

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Which shader in particular are you referring to? We're just using the standard three.js library with no custom shaders AFAIK.

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Just thought of something wickedly cool? Surprise us!
The Ultimate Suggestion Lowdown of Ironbane

Nice Job! You really put your time in effort into this.

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Could? Brah. It's a matter of life-or-death....nobody wants to lose the hard to get/excess stuff when they die. Like, phreelz.

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Humble discussions that reach beyond Ironbane.

@AK these are for GM's only and won't be accessible to the public.

We're aware of the dangers of cheaters/hackers in-game, and we're currently going with a hybrid approach that is more naive towards player's data being sent to the server but with a lot better performance. We don't want to waste all our energy on those few cheaters anymore as it's just not worth it, especially as we're a co-op game. However we will implement anti-cheat measures where possible.

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It's been a bit quiet lately...

@Thaiberius It's good that you're learning. I'm waiting for a more challenging class. I heard assembly language is fun...

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